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Outrigger Canoe Paddle
The Pili
All of our canoe paddle designs have premium features but a distinct wood design...

For even more design features, visit our design page.

This OC paddle has plenty of power, with 10-degree bend, a smooth catch, dihedral on the power-face, fiber glass blade wrap, edge guard and stunning wood looks.

Light and strong.

Spanish cedar and Peruvian walnut (with paulownia accent wood), along with our standard carbon-fiber core, make this paddle light and strong while also letting it look stunning.

The quality, purity, and flow of your design for my canoe paddle is beyond anything I could have imagined. Can't be more pleased with the results. And you were correct in advising to keep the finger grips. Love the control they provide on the tough critical strokes. Thank you for an amazing artisticly styled blade with incredible functionality.

- Albert, New Braunfels, TX

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