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Our Design
All of our paddles are designed and handcrafted by Tim Deppen in Sanford, FL.
Shaft Finger Grips

Tim on his vision for superior paddles.

custom wood paddleboard kayak canoe sup paddles.jpg

stronger and more comfortable grip...

Our patented shaft finger grip is a revolutionary feature. Handcrafted into the wood of each paddle, our grips allow you to hold the paddle with more grip and less effort. 

The Shaft Grips

...with design you won't find anywhere else.

Our shaft finger grips are comfortable, functional, and beautiful — standard on every paddle and only with a Deppen Paddle.

You'll never want to paddle without them again.

Carbon Fiber Core
Wood paddle board paddle shaft grips with carbon fiber core
Wood SUP paddle with shaft grips and carbon fiber core

The Carbon Fiber Core

To create a superior paddle, we blend wood's elasticity and beauty with carbon fiber's strength and low weight.

A carbon fiber core provides lightweight strength... 

...without sacrificing the beauty of wood.

Our carbon-fiber core (standard in all paddles) allows for our SUP, kayak, and canoe paddle options to stay strong and light.

Wood & Carbon Fiber.


We blend wood with carbon fiber to create a paddle with the impressive looks and flexibility of wood and the lightweight strength of a carbon fiber core. 

Travel Paddle
Paddle Carbon Fiber Shaft_edited.jpg

A carbon fiber core is seamlessly integrated inside all of our stunning wood paddles.

Our Travel Paddle

Deppen Paddles Handcrafted SUP Paddlebord Paddles

Travel easily with our travel paddle.

After pressing the stainless snap button, the paddle effortlessly divides into two, allowing you to easily place it in your carry-on, car, or closet.

Hoku - adj_travel_edited.png
Our travel paddle doesn't sacrifice beauty or utility.
Adjustable Paddle

We harness the strength of carbon fiber in our travel paddle, so you can take your paddle anywhere without sacrificing strength or performance.

Upgrade any SUP paddle to a travel paddle for $79.

Our Adjustable Paddle


Enjoy the flexibility of four paddle lengths with the ease of one paddle, all without losing your paddle's power or beauty.


Extended SUP paddl.

best wood sup paddle.png
wood carbon fiber paddle.png

Shortened SUP paddle.

Image 2-8-16 at 19_edited.png
Wall Mount

Our adjustables utilize an elegant push-button system — all built into the carbon fiber core. It's the superior way to paddle.

One paddle fits all.

Upgrade any SUP paddle to an adjustable paddle for $109

Our Wall Mount

Your paddle is a work of art.

We seamlessly and invisibly integrate a magnet into your paddle so you can securely display it.

Learn more.

deppen paddles magnetic wood wall mount.png

Add a concealed magnet and handcrafted wall mount for your paddle for $49 (vertical mount) or $109 (2-piece horizontal mount) at checkout.

deppen paddles magnetic paddle wall mount close.png


Just some of our many satisfied paddlers!

"There is nothing more beautiful or more functional than a SUP paddle made by Tim Deppen. Absolute work of art and engineering."

- John H., Seneca, SC

"It is just so beautiful! So so so beautiful! It exceeds my expectations! I am in love! The craftsmanship, the detail, the wood combination & striking contrast, it is so light!"

- Kristy E.

"Hand-crafted in Sanford, Florida, Deppen Paddles’ stunning wood works are functional art at its finest. In order to ensure durability and performance, all paddles feature a carbon core, a clear fiberglass outer, plus a high-strength water-resistant coating. The custom paddles also boast protective blade tip guards, a handcrafted wood T-grip, and a patented shaft grift for added power and comfort. New for 2020, paddles include a magnetic wall mount, so you can easily display your paddle in your home between sessions. While heavier than traditional composite paddles, they are extremely durable and the wood packs surprising amounts of power with each stroke. Available in adjustable, two-piece, and fixed-length options, Deppens deliver some of the most beautiful paddles we’ve ever laid our salty hands on.​"​

- Men's Journal

"The paddle is not only the most beautiful I have seen so far, it also feels just perfect - I'm stoked about simply every detail: catch, balance, stiffness, handle, separation, blade size, diameter of the shaft and that incredible carved grip section! "

- Robin, Switzerland

The quality, purity, and flow of your design for my canoe paddle is beyond anything I could have imagined. Can't be more pleased with the results. And you were correct in advising to keep the finger grips. Love the control they provide on the tough critical strokes. Thank you for an amazing artisticly styled blade with incredible functionality."

- Albert, New Braunfels, TX

"After years in the paddleboard industry I have been fortunate to try many different paddles, both composite and wood. After testing Tim's paddles I was amazed at the comfort, design, and striking beauty. Deppen Paddles has truly created the perfect blend of classic looks and modern design.​"​

- David Rose, Owner of Paddleboard Orlando

Our paddles are award-winning.

Deppen Paddles SUP Canoe Kayak Paddles Award Winner at Winter Park Art Festival
SUP Paddles Canoe Kayak Paddle Board

Deppen Paddles win awards, including the 2017 Winter Park Art Festival $1,000 prize and award of distinction.

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