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The Lalani Paddle
All of our kayak paddle designs have premium features but a distinct wood design...

For even more design features, visit our design page.

Lalani is Hawaiian for line.

Handcrafted with premium woods, this paddle features beautiful stripes of various woods species (the colors are not from wood stains).

Paddle faster and more efficiently.

All of our paddles feature a 10-degree bend and hand-carved dihedral, all wrapped in clear fiber glass cloth.

A superior grip for a superior paddle. 

Our patented shaft finger grip gives you a more comfortable and powerful grip, letting you place the paddle more accurately and efficiently without glancing down. You'll never want to paddle without it again.

"The paddle is not only the most beautiful I have seen so far, it also feels just perfect - I'm stoked about simply every detail: catch, balance, stiffness, handle, seperation, blade size, diameter of the shaft and that incredible carved grip section! "

- Robin, Switzerland

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