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The Hoku Paddle
Each SUP paddle design has all of our premium features, but with a distinct wood design...

For even more design features, visit our design page.

Hoku is Hawaiian for star.

Handcrafted with premium woods, this paddle features a blade design reminiscent of the night sky.

Stunningly strong.

Our paddles have carbon fiber cores, are wrapped in clear fiber glass cloth, and treated with high-strength water-resistant coating for durability and protection. An edge guard protects the tip of the blade from damage.

Paddle faster and more efficiently. 

Our patented shaft finger grip gives you a more comfortable and powerful grip, letting you place the paddle more accurately and efficiently without glancing down. You'll never want to paddle without it again.

Image 2-4-16 at 21.29.jpg
Image 2-8-16 at 19.16.jpg

Beauty and ergonomics with our handcrafted wood palm grip. 


Each palm grip is carved so to fit comfortably and ergonomically in the hand, with the same stunning woods found on the rest of the paddle.

The adjustable version.

"There is nothing more beautiful or more functional than a SUP paddle made by Tim Deppen. Absolute work of art and engineering. "

- John Hess

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