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Our fine, handcrafted, carbon-fiber cored SUP, canoe, and kayak paddles are hand-built by Tim Deppen in Sanford, FL. 


Our superior wooden paddles are each crafted with hand-selected woods, fiberglass wrap, and a carbon-fiber core. With our shaft finger grips, our award-winning designs, and our passion for premium paddles, you'll fall in love with a Deppen Paddle.

Deppen Paddles Wood SUP Canoe and Kayak Paddles

Welcome to Deppen Paddles.

Handcrafted wood sup paddleboard paddles with carbon fiber and wood
best wood sup canoe kayak paddles
handcrafted wood kayak and paddle board paddles
custom handcrafted sup kayak canoe paddleboard paddle magnetic wall mount
Deppen SUP Paddles
Deppen Paddles Best Wood SUP Paddles Canoe Paddles and Kayak Paddles
Wood SUP Paddles Paddle Board Paddles
Every Deppen Paddle has a carbon fiber core inside –

providing your paddle the beauty and flexibility of wood and the lightweight strength of carbon fiber.

Our adjustable paddle (left) reveals the carbon-fiber core inside each of our SUP, kayak, and canoe paddles.

Wooden Custom SUP Kayak Canoe Paddle Board Paddles
Superior standards.
Other standard features include our revolutionary shaft gripsprotective fiberglass coating and edge guards, gorgeous wood designs, and customer service you can only get from a devoted and passionate small business.
Functional art with no shortcuts taken.
carbon fiber and wood sup paddles

It takes dedication and passion to meld beauty and functionality. Tim Deppen does just that  by treating each handcrafted wood paddle as fine art -- holding them to the highest standards of paddle design.


See our SUP, Canoe, or Kayak paddles

Deppen Paddles Best SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles Canoe Paddles Kayak Paddles

"You will fall in love with these paddles as I have."

- Tim Deppen

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