Premium Handcrafted Wood Paddles 

Welcome to Deppen Paddles.

Here you’ll find SUP, Canoe, and Kayak paddles with superior quality and handcrafted design.

Deppen Paddles creates stunning wood paddles designed and handcrafted by me, Tim Deppen. Our paddles are individually created with premium wood, fiberglass wrap, and a carbon fiber core. They are lightweight and strong, with our shaft grips, award winning design, and meticulous work all sealed with high-performance coatings. I hope you’ll fall in love with the hard work I put into these paddles.

Stunning Paddles

All Deppen Paddles are made with premium woods and handcrafted with fine craftsmanship. We believe in making truly superior paddles. It’s why we never take shortcuts and always put quality first. Choose from our gorgeous selection of canoe, kayak, and SUP paddles handcrafted with stunning designs.

Deppen Wood Carbon Fiber Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles

Best of Both Paddles

We make stunning wood paddles. But you don’t have to choose between the beauty and flexibility of wood and the strength and light feel of carbon fiber. So we blend both wood and carbon fiber in every paddle. Through hard work and thoughtful engineering we strive to be amazing. Enjoy the best of paddles.

Deppen Handmade Carbon Fiber Wood SUP Paddle Board Paddles

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Innovation is Standard

Every part of our paddle is designed and handcrafted with an obsession for perfection. We want our paddles to be the best. That’s why our canoe, kayak, and stand up paddles feature stunning innovations — like our shaft grips and carbon fiber core — and come with standard features like a pro edge guard, 4oz fiberglass wrap, and a dihedral blade.

Deppen Wood Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles

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Functional Art

Why don’t we have our logo plastered all over the blade face? We treat each paddle as a piece of fine art. Not only do we want our canoe, kayak, and SUP paddles to uphold the highest standards in strength and design, but we also want them look stunning.

Deppen Custom Handcrafted Wood SUP Paddle Board Paddles

No Shortcuts

Deppen Paddles is a family owned business run with a passion by craftsman Tim Deppen. He believes that the only way to run a business is to work hard and do your best. Each paddle is a work of art, finely crafted with each stroke of sandpaper. As a result, our quality is unrivaled.

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Deppen Wood Stand Up SUP Paddles